The William H. Hannon Foundation's mission is:

William H. Hannon established this Foundation in 1983. The original Board of Directors consisted of all family members, including his brothers Patrick and Andrew, his sister Eugenie Buchanan and her husband John, and his niece Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, who serves as the Foundation’s president today. Over the years, many of the original Directors who have passed away have been replaced with other family members or close friends of the family who knew Mr. Hannon and his ideals.

Standing, left to right: David Herbst, James Hannon, and David Burcham. Sitting, left to right: Nancy Cunningham, Fr. Robert Lawton, and Kathleen Aikenhead (Click on Board Member's name for biography)

The Hannon Foundation asks that all requests for support be submitted in writing. So that we can direct our resources into gift giving, we do not have a staff size that is capable of fielding a large volume of phone calls for grant requests.

All correspondence may be sent to:

William H. Hannon Foundation
729 Montana Avenue, Suite 5
Santa Monica, CA 90403

For grant procedures, please see the Grantmaking page.

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