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The Hannon Foundation primarily funds non-profit organizations whose works address the goals of our founder as described in the Foundation’s Mission Statement. Large grants only are made to institutions and organizations that played an important role in Mr. Hannon's life, and the foundation always keeps his mission and legacy in mind when awarding grants.

The Foundation limits its grants to programs primarily in the greater Los Angeles area, where Mr. Hannon lived and worked. Also, only Internal Revenue Service certified, non-profit public charities are eligible for grants. Grant requests are not considered for individuals, underwriting parties, travel funds, advertisements, the advancement of political agendas, and radio or TV programming.

The Hannon Foundation considers grant requests in writing only. Grant proposals are considered at each quarterly Board of Directors’ Meeting. Request letters should be received by August 1 for the September meeting; November 1 for the December meeting; February 1 for the March meeting; or May 1 for the June meeting. Applicants will be notified of the decision in writing within thirty days of the quarterly Board Meeting. Site visits may be a part of our evaluation process.

We do not have a formal grant application. All requests should be in letter format. In the grant request proposal please include:

A brief history of the organization;
A list of Board of Directors or Governing Board;
A copy of the organization's 501(c)(3) designation by the I.R.S.;
A description of the project including the objectives and evaluation process;
A specific amount sought from our Foundation;
A detailed budget for the funds requested and for the overall project;
A list of other committed funding sources for this project;
The request signed by the director or head of the organization.

Please mail all grant requests and correspondence to:

William H. Hannon Foundation
729 Montana Avenue, Suite 5
Santa Monica, CA 90403