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Based in Santa Monica, California, the William H. Hannon Foundation was founded in 1983 by the late Catholic philanthropist and real estate developer William H. Hannon. Following his service in World War II, Mr. Hannon returned to Los Angeles to develop residential communities and commercial shopping centers across Southern California. Today, the Foundation carries on Mr. Hannon's goals of supporting Catholic churches and schools, as well as hospitals and social service organizations that are focused on improving the lives of people in communities Mr. Hannon helped build.

The Hannon Story Hawaii Fundraising

Community Institutions:YMCA and AMCS
The Westchester YMCA and Airport Marina Counseling Service, both longtime institutions, continue their services to the Westchester community.


Vision Care and Eyeglasses for Children in Elementary schools
November 2019: Los Angeles, CA Vision To Learn brings quality vision care to children who cannot afford eye exams or glasses.


Three homeless agenices helped
Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children, St. Francis Center and St. Joseph Center continue their care for thousands of homeless men, women and children.


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